Time to introduce you to the dynamic duo Eliaou and Ilana Azulai, Beagle in Motion’s founders.


With a background in Fine Arts, and formally owning a music studio in London, Eliaou brings the company’s artistic edge to the forefront when helping to produce our videos. He also has brilliant entrepreneurial experience, owning his first successful business from age 18. He is the CEO and founder of BIM.


With an academic background in Linguistics and Languages, and quad-lingual to boot, Ilana puts her creative writing skills to the test with content and copy-writing, making fun and unique scripts for our clients. She’s had a passion for animation since she was a young girl. She also has years of experience working in the global consulting field, and is the Managing Director of BIM.

So Who Created Beagle in Motion?

Beagle In Motion started as a husband-and-wife team, but our business has grown faster than we’d ever dreamed, and we are now expanding into a world-class animation and marketing service. As we’ve grown, we’ve truly enjoyed spreading our success around and helping other businesses soar as well. We take pride in our affordable rates, specialized services, and cool, savvy videos that are genuinely fun to watch.

What’s in a Name?

Why the name Beagle In Motion? Well, when we started this business, we had three kids in a city apartment, and it just wasn’t practical to have a dog… but we really wanted one anyway. After brainstorming company names all day, we decided that “Beagle In Motion” captures all our greatest values:

• Fun—because that’s what animation is!
• Unique and memorable, just like our videos
• Appealing to the young at heart

We decided that if we were going to do this, we ought to have fun with it— and so Beagle In Motion was born. We still love that name and our now-booming business. We hope that you do, too!

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