Explainer studios are the newest kid on the block when it comes to explaining your company and services to customers. They allow you to show the best side of your business; let the customer know what they can expect when using your service and explainer videos allow you to get your service mission out in an appealing, customer-friendly manner. It’s a “Brave New World” in public relations and explainer studios are at the forefront of this game.


Typically, explainer studios put together short, animated business videos, which turn your ideas and storyboards into an entertaining first look at your company. These videos, typically, are displayed on the homepage of your website and offer a hassle-free way to get your company’s message across, in an entertaining fashion.


Picking an Explainer Studio


There are a few things to consider when choosing an explainer studio, to do a video for your company. Think of an explainer video as an ambassador for your business, in a way. They explain your services and do it all in an entertaining way. Consider these five tips, to ensure that you pick the


Experience is Everything


It takes talent to put together a truly engaging video for your home page. A studio who has a “good amount” of time in the game will talk to you, understand exactly what you want to say in your video and will have the graphic design and video skills to put it all together into a mesmerizing video that will have your customers attention from the first second. Newbies do need a break, but when it’s your business on the line, it’s best to go with a seasoned veteran.

Trust but Verify


A studio rep can tell you anything. He might tell you that he’s had this mega-corporate client or that one and that they all were more than satisfied with the studio’s work. He may be telling you the truth, however, you have no way of knowing that. It’s never wise to trust someone you’re considering doing business with, simply on the strength of their words.


The most prudent action is to request a list of former clients of the studio that you are considering. Contact these former customers and ask how their experience with the studio went. Get yourself a list of questions together, before the calls, so that you don’t forget any important questions that you may have. Most of them will be willing to speak with you and if they give you a bad review of the studio, my advice is…RUN! You will get a far truer picture of the level of service that the studio provides from a former client than from a salesman, trying to draw you in.


Good Communication is the Foundation of Every Extraordinary Explainer Video


If your prospective studio isn’t responsive to your contacts, you may want to reconsider your decision. The designer should take your calls and if that’s not possible, for that moment, then they should give you a definite time frame when they will get back to you. When they are actually working on your project, they should allow you open access to the work, and to them as well. Who knows? You could possibly have a focus-changing, brilliant idea for your video, but if you can’t get in touch with the producer, that message will be lost, along with the opportunities that your idea may have brought you, had it been implemented. That means accessibility to your assigned video producer is of the utmost importance.


Another, even more, important aspect of communication, when it comes to picking a studio, is to sit down and talk to the designer and be sure that he truly understands what it is that you are looking for in your video. If the two of you can’t communicate, it will be extremely difficult to get your point across and have it understood.


The video producer must be able to understand you when you communicate your vision for your explainer video. If he is unable to see your vision for the project, you will most certainly not end up with the results you are seeking.


Does the Explainer Video Studio Share Your Vision for your Video?


The best explainer video productions come about when the client and the producer work closely together to establish a vision for the video. If the producer doesn’t understand or share your vision, he’s not going to be able to translate your ideas into media.


When searching for an explainer video studio, be sure that the prospective studio thoroughly understands your vision and is behind you 100%. When someone believes in you and what you are doing, you will, invariably, get an amazing result. If you get someone who is “just doing their job,” your results will be quite the opposite. You will get a run-of-the-mill, knockoff video that doesn’t do a thing for your business.


Check the Studio’s Terms of Service Very Closely


There are many opportunities for things to go wrong when creating an explainer video. In the event that this happens, you need to know that you are going to be covered, and what both your and the studios responsibilities are when it comes to unforeseen difficulties. Be sure that the studio is bound to complete your project, no matter what.


Check to see if the studio has a list of their policies, and study them intently. One missed line or word can change the whole meaning of a clause. Ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed, and they will refine the video until it becomes what you had envisioned it to be.


There are many things to consider, so be wise when choosing an explainer video studio. An unwise decision could cause you to miss out on customers, who had they seen an interesting and exciting video would have been drawn into your site. Choose carefully, and if you are looking for a studio to produce your explainer video, reach out to Beagle in Motion, they can handle all of your explainer video needs.


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