Watching online videos today has become part and parcel of our day to day activities. Come to think of it, when was the last time you streamed a clip online? It might even be at this very moment; perhaps a music video auto-running on Youtube with a different tab?


Well no worries, this is completely normal. As human beings, audio-visual information tends to make up a significant part of our lives. In fact, an extensive study carried out in the U.S shows   that the average human being has an 8-9 second concentration span towards written work.


This means that if you hire a copywriter, they strictly need to capture a reader’s attention in the first 3 sentences of a salespage!! Interestingly, the time drastically changes when audio-visual information is employed. Concentration increases from the initial duration of 8 seconds (less than that of a goldfish by the way) to a whooping 1-2 minutes!!


Why is this so? Well naturally, the eyes and ears are our strongest senses. They map out the world around us and inspire our school of thought. That is why thousands of companies today rely heavily on explainer videos to leave a mark on their prospects. And here are 3 reasons how they work their charm.


1. Quadruple visitor attraction to e-commerce websites


Let’s put it simply, away from all the analytics and mumbo jumbo associated with SEO and rankings. Google, the megalithic search engine, always prioritizes top rankings to websites that bring a high level of satisfaction to the user. And what better way to do this than having a video that clearly communicates to the needs and wants of the consumer?


In fact, most people are more inclined to watch a clip because they are generally lazy; no one wants to strain their eyes to read tons of text.


Take for example the Harry Potter series. The author, J.K. Rowling, made more money from the lucrative box office hits (audiovisual) than she ever did from writing the books.


Hence, it’s also no surprise that Google will rank a website with ‘how to’ videos much higher than those with ‘how to’ texts. And what does a higher ranking mean for your business? You guessed right, a surge in traffic and prospects.


2. Increased prospect to customer conversion


So now your explainer has increased your site ranking and you’re asking yourself, what next? Well, it all boils down to how effective the video is when hitting the nail on the head. The quality is what will turn prospects into overnight customers. For example, have you noticed that most explainer videos always ask a short simple question 5 seconds into it? “Having problems with your car? Looking to find an insurance that’s worth your while?”


It’s called the AIDA principle. What it does is to grab the ATTENTION of the prospect instantly, and then the audiovisual content will stimulate INTEREST and build up DESIRE, before signing off with a tempting call to ACTION that will leave the prospect hooked to the bait. So does your clip meet all these qualities plus much more? Does it offer the solution to your prospect’s problem in 2 minutes?


3. Turns customers into loyal social media promoters


If a customer is satisfied with your work, then there’s no doubt that they will put out a good word for you. The scenario usually plays out this way. After giving the client an amazing service topped up with awesome customer care, the client will go out of their way to download your video and share it to their friends on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. “People, you should really check out these guys when it comes to laundry services, they were great!!” Eventually, you’ll find multiple prospects pinging you up and saying they saw your video online; or they were referred o you by so and so. All in all, it will really help build your brand without spending the big bucks on advertising.


Therefore, when it comes to solid inbound marketing, a high quality explainer video will always do a number over text-based marketing content. So if you’d really like to enjoy the financial security that comes with a stable client base, ensure you get a well-developed explainer for your business today.


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